Permanent makeup/cosmetics is legal and licensed in the state of  Mississippi.  It is recommended that you get a body tattoo from a traditional body tattooist and permanent cosmetics from a person that specializes in permanent makeup.  It makes sense that you would want someone trained in fashion and makeup with an artistic background that also participates in continuing education in this field (this means many certificates not just one or two).

There is not a separate license for permanent makeup/cosmetics.  This is a tattoo procedure and falls under tattoo law and requires a tattoo license from the State of Mississippi.  This license is a two part license for that individual and that location only.  Under no circumstances can they come to your home or anyones home.  The technician/artist can not work out of any other location or allow any other technician use their facility with out an additional license.  Every technician must have a license for every location they use.  A visiting technician from another State must get a Mississippi license for the office they will use in Mississippi.

Here are some of your options:
     1. From a licensed technician that had a 9 month apprenticeship ( called a "provisional registration"), or has been doing this for so many years that they were grandfathered in when the laws were changed (2005), or had a license in a different state and was granted one here.  They will have a bright orange license from the Health Dept. on their wall (with that address, their name and dated the current year).
     2. From a trainee apprenticed (having a provisional registration status) to a licensed tattoo artist approved by the Health dept.....They will have a "provisional registration" license on the wall, may only work out of that one office and must be supervised (by the person they are apprenticed to) at all times for 9 months.
     3. From a licensed technician in a doctors office.....these people do not have to comply with education (apprenticeship) and are granted a license because they are supervised by a doctor, and may or may not be worth the extra money you will have to pay to have it done in a doctors office.  Permanent makeup is not a medical procedure.
     4. From a tattoo parlor.....Makeup is usually not their area of expertise, though they may have a licensed technician (or apprentice) in their shop that is focusing on permanent makeup.

The Health Department is concerned with sanitation and health issues, not aesthetics so the artistic quality of licensed technicians varies widely.  Ask to see pictures of this person's work.  Ask if they actually did this work or if it is representative of the permanent makeup industry as a whole.  Schools and manufacturers sell portfolios and pictures for new people to present as their own; some of these look professional some look very amateur).  Ask what they used to do (or used to be) as this has a great impact on on their level of competence in the permanent makeup/cosmetics field.

Permanent makeup is the most freeing and liberating thing you can do for yourself.  Do a little research and don't let price be your guide.  Yes, some legitimate experienced people have temporary discounts due to difficult economic times; but please don't go to an unlicensed or untrained person because it is a bargain.  You may have to pay again to have it repaired.  A touchup or repair will cost as much or more than new work.

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